With Savannah having had things to do for the day, this left Johnny to his own devilish (yes, devilish) devices. Which almost always involved The Thing. Or Ben as he liked to be called. Ahem. Whatever. The day had been gloriously filled with the totally awesome of awesome pranks. One after another, and the stupid rock fell for each and evey one.

Wasn't Johnny's fault the big boulder lacked proper functioning brains.

But as the last came to an end. Johnny figured he better quit while he was ahead so he locked (double locked) the front door to his and Savannah's place. He wasn't worried. Not a bit. Locked doors just meant privacy.

Settling on the sofa with a six pack, he became totally engrossed in ESPN while waiting on his girl to get her butt back home.

[OOC: Open for his girl, phone calls, texts, whatever, yo!]

Johnny was hanging out, enjoying beer and ESPN, waiting on Savannah to get there.

He might be feeling somewhat anxious as well. Thus the beer. His fifth bottle already. Glancing every so often at the little box he was going to be gifting her with, didn't help.

[For his woman, yo. :D ]

After his nice little chat with Mary, Johnny secured the keys to his favorite suite and headed on up with his luggage. It was an excellent room and over the course of the weekend, he planned on letting Savannah take advantage of the pole. He was such a thoughtful boyfriend.

Tossing his bag, he headed towards the mini bar and poured himself a glass of whiskey before he settled on the sofa to call his girl.

"Hey babe. I'm in my... your favorite room at The Arms. Don't make me wait too long, sweetheart."

With a sly, somewhat quirky grin, Johnny stared at the pole and envisioned a half dressed Savannah using it for his pleasure.

Ah, life was good.

[[OOC: For his woman. Rawr.]]

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Johnny felt this particular island might become tradition for spending the arrival of the New Year with Savannah. Honestly he couldn't think of a better way to do it and knowing that she'd rather be here with him than anywhere else, made his plans totally awesome.

Laying out on the beach, he teased her skin with the pad of his fingertip before he lightly flicked sand at her. "I think someone needs to get dunked in the ocean."

[NFB and for that girl.]
With the passing of the last few crazy days, it was no wonder that Johnny was loath to move from his current position in bed. Wrapped around Savannah was comfortable, warm, and he was one hundred percent content. It was why he snuggled closer to kiss the back of her neck, shifting his hand down to settle more closely around her middle.

Breakfast with his dysfunctional family wasn't going to happen.

[OOC: NFB and for the girl in bed with him, la.]
The night was cold. And Johnny could smell rain in the air.

Something ominous was just around the corner. He just didn't realize it yet.

Thunderbolts and lightning, very very frightening! )

[[ OOC: NFI, pre-played with the awesome [livejournal.com profile] blackmagic_eve and [livejournal.com profile] walks_two_paths OOC is A-okay. ]]

Things hadn't changed much in the hospital room. Savannah was still there, tragically beautiful with an oxygen mask over her face. There were flowers in different parts of the room. From somewhere, sad, overly emotional music was playing.

Johnny was a bit stressed.

The music just sets the mood, doesn't it? )

[[ OOC: NFI, TBC, pre-played with the fabulous [livejournal.com profile] bigbrothersean and [livejournal.com profile] walks_two_paths OOC is A-okay. ]]
Would this day, this misery, never end?

He clung to Savannah's limp hand, unwilling to move from her bedside.

Is there hope beyond the horizon? Time will only tell... )

[[ OOC: NFI, TBC, Continued from here pre-played with the fabulous [livejournal.com profile] bigbrothersean and [livejournal.com profile] awakestheghosts OOC is A-okay. ]]
If crying miserably wasn't enough, Johnny didn't think his day could get much worse.

Unfortunately (and for the best) his mind was not veering towards southern belles. But then, had it ever?

Superheroes are not supposed to cry. They're not supposed to cheat on their wives either. )

[[ OOC: NFI, TBC, Continued from here pre-played with the maaaaahhhvelous [livejournal.com profile] likethestore OOC is A-okay. ]]
Johnny was still miserable. And ashamed. A bastard. He was the worst sort of husband out there. And Savannah, well, she was still beautifully comatose, which didn't help with the guilt here.

Not for the first time this day did he damn the sunshine that wanted to make everything cheerful.

Will this nightmare never end? )

[[ OOC: NFI, TBC, Continued from here, pre-played with the lovely [livejournal.com profile] awakestheghosts OOC is A-okay. ]]
The sun shouldn't be shining on such a day. It just shouldn't.

Tears threatened his eyes as he looked down at his sleeping beauty. His comatose wife. In this hotel room hospital bed because of him. If someone were to stab him in the heart, he didn't imagine it would feel much worse than how he felt now.

And it was always the same from the housekeeping staff nurse who would come in and check monitors and Savannah's vitals. No change. Johnny didn't think his heart could take much more of this.

This isn't happening! Only ... it is. )
Johnny blinked, rubbed his burning eyes, and wanted to forget everything.

But the flashbacks continued, and they were superbly unkind.

[[ OOC: NFI, TBC, pre-played with the most awesome [livejournal.com profile] walks_two_paths and [livejournal.com profile] bigbrothersean OOC is A-okay. ]]
Missing his girlfriend meant that the first thing Johnny did when he and Savannah arrived, was take advantage of the lovely little private cottage, and more importantly the bed within. He let her know just how much he missed her and it was totally hot. And awesome. A couple - yes.. a couple - hours later, they showered and changed into their suits to head out to the beach. It was a gorgeous night and the stars were bright.

There was crab salad, cheese and crackers, and tropical drinks set up on a small table for their pleasure. Johnny paid handsomely for privacy so while pampering was expected, the help was rarely seen.

"You don't have to go back until Sunday, right?" he asked Savannah, leaning close to tease her lips with a small chunk of pineapple.

[[ OOC: NFB due to distance. For the girl ;) and up early for SP love. ]]

It was another lazy Sunday evening and Johnny sought to keep it that way by channel surfing. Nothing much on to catch his interest, but he had popcorn so it was something.

Maybe he'd torch Ben's pillow later. That was something too. The look on his face would no doubt be better than popcorn.

[[ NFB due to distance. Open for phone calls, texts, whathaveyou :) ETA: OMG I <3 you person who has made me nearly ded with LOL! ]]

Johnny was chilling by watching a bit of TV, but he was rather anxious for Savannah to hurry up and get her butt over to him. He knew she had rehearsal and he was wearing patience pretty well. But damn if she shouldn't be here by now.

[[ For a specific phone call. NFB due to distance. ]]
Johnny had checked in, dumped his bag on his bed, and called Savannah. He didn't get away as early as he would have liked, but he was close and he hoped that made a difference.

[[ For his girl. ]]

He'd been singing randomly all day long. Some good, some bad, some managed to irritate Ben which hey, there were too many songs about rocks out there or at least rockin' something. Johnny'd been amused for most of it.

Laying in bed now, his mind was on Savannah, as it usually was when he went to bed. He half way expected to sing something and he wasn't disappointed.

Last song of the day )

[[ NFB, Establiiiishy. ]]
Ever since leaving Fandom, and more importantly Savannah, Johnny loved his beer. Like more than usual. He also was kind of moody and cranky and his room was a mess. He didn't allow Sue in. Much.

So when he woke this morning to a scantily clad woman peering down at him, he had to chuckle. Leave it to Sue to hire hot help to kick his ass into shape.

The girl wasn't cleaning, however, she was climbing into bed with him.

"Whoa, wait there..." he said and scrambled to the other side until he slipped off and thudded to the floor.

"But Johnny, I thought you loved me," she teased with a grin, running her finger from her lip to her cleavage.

"Uh. Did I get trashed last night and can't remember what the hell happened?" If so? Shiiiiiiiit.

She shook her head. "No, not at all. But don't you recognize me? I'm your bud."


The hours that followed were nearly mind numbing.

Currently he sat on his sofa and watched CNN. His Bud? On the seat next to him, making sure he had a fresh beer in hand.

Johnny was sort of in a chillaxed zoned out state of mind.

[[OOC: NFB, Open for phone calls!]]

As much as he wasn't looking forward to this day, it was here, and there wasn't a damn thing he could do about it. It was time to go.

His stuff had been packed up and sent ahead save for the few things he'd left for Savannah. A few shirts, a hoodie; small incidentals that she'd wanted to keep with her. He'd said his goodbye to Destiny, and rather quietly did he and Savannah make their way to the causeway.

Everything that needed to be said, had already been said. It was the goodbye that was going to hurt like hell.

[[ OOC: And that's it for Johnny! Last post is mainly for Savannah but can be open before her if you like. ]]
Coming down from working on the senior project, Johnny showered, dressed, and sat on his bed. He needed to talk to Savannah and he'd put it off for far too long. He was bracing himself for an argument because he knew she was going to be upset and he assumed pissed that he was leaving early.

So yeah, he had some explaining to do.

[[ For Savannah and SP is the name of the game. ]]


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