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Would this day, this misery, never end?

He clung to Savannah's limp hand, unwilling to move from her bedside.

Sean felt distinctly awkward as he walked into his sister's hospital room but didn't show it one bit. He looked every bit the perfect businessman he was, hiding the raging turmoil in his heart and in his soul.

"Has there been any change?" he asked, his voice husky.
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Johnny turned his face away before Sean could see him wipe the single glistening tear from his cheek. "No. No change," he replied low, his voice full of guilty shame.

Sean wanted to reach out and touch Johnny's arm, give him whatever reassurance he could provide, but how could he do it when he himself felt so hopeless?
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The hopelessness was shared. Sean smacked him with it the moment he stepped into the room.

Eyes so blue and so full of shame, pinned Sean to the very spot he stood. Or he was hoping such a grief stricken look would.

"We did this to her," he whispered, his voice low, throaty.

Not quite pinned to where he stood, but certainly pinned to within a reasonable distance of it.

"I know," Sean replied, his voice full of anguish. "I know we did, Johnny. And if I could make it so this never happened to her... I would do it in a heartbeat. She's more important than our passions."
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He was on his feet in an instant, face to face with Sean, barely masking the anguish and hurt and shameful guilt that touched more than the fine visage that made Johnny such an attractive man.

"You shouldn't have come!" His whisper was harsh. "You shouldn't have come..." His palm, large, flat, hot, fell upon the other man's chest.

"I didn't come for you," Sean said, wondering how Johnny could be so impossibly self-absorbed at this time of all times. "I came for her. Whatever I may have done to her, she is my sister and I have every right to be here for her."
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"I know that," he replied instantly, his eyes sharp on Sean's features.

His thought process was off. He was under stress, man!

Johnny liked to think Sean came here for his benefit.

Alright. For Savannah too. Even his ego could understand that.

But just barely.

With a weary sigh, he removed his hand. "I don't know what else to do. She just lies there, so beautiful... so pale..." The violin music that suddenly began, seemed to finish what he could not say.

"There has to be something else we can do, though," Sean said. "Some doctor we can call in. No matter what the cost. God knows the two of us can afford it."

He would spend every last cent if it would help his sister get better.
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Johnny would not tell Sean that he nearly beat the doctor black and blue for telling him there was nothing he could do. Savannah was in a coma and it was up to her - all they could do was monitor her.

Shamed cloaked Johnny like a heavy velvet cape, nearly suffocating him.

"I'm sorry, Sean. She's like this because of me. Had I not invited you over that night... we wouldn't be here now."

"I have to shoulder some of the blame as well," Sean said, touching Johnny's arm -- this time in a purely brotherly and comforting manner, the way it always should've been. "If I had not returned your advances, then we wouldn't be here now."
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Johnny sighed heavily and ran a hand back through his hair. Staring down at his wife he felt the weight of his guilt. "I don't know what to do. I can't... I can't help her."

Sean pulled his hand back slowly, an idea in his head. "Wait a minute... I might know what we can do..."

If they could get a certain someone to help.
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"What?" he asked dubiously. "She's comatose, Sean. I don't know what could help her now, but herself..."

My daughter," Sean said, a hopeful light in his eyes. "My daughter can talk to the dead. This extends to people in comas. I'm not sure why, possibly because they're closer to death... but it might work!"
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"Go get her!" Johnny exclaimed, feeling hope for the first time since entering this dreary hotel hospital room.

Having been summoned by her father, Chloe came reluctantly back to the hospital room. The last thing she wanted was to be in the same room with these two men. However, her father said her aunt needed her, so here she was.

[[ OOC: NFI, TBC, Continued from here pre-played with the fabulous [livejournal.com profile] bigbrothersean and [livejournal.com profile] awakestheghosts OOC is A-okay. ]]
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