With Savannah having had things to do for the day, this left Johnny to his own devilish (yes, devilish) devices. Which almost always involved The Thing. Or Ben as he liked to be called. Ahem. Whatever. The day had been gloriously filled with the totally awesome of awesome pranks. One after another, and the stupid rock fell for each and evey one.

Wasn't Johnny's fault the big boulder lacked proper functioning brains.

But as the last came to an end. Johnny figured he better quit while he was ahead so he locked (double locked) the front door to his and Savannah's place. He wasn't worried. Not a bit. Locked doors just meant privacy.

Settling on the sofa with a six pack, he became totally engrossed in ESPN while waiting on his girl to get her butt back home.

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With the passing of the last few crazy days, it was no wonder that Johnny was loath to move from his current position in bed. Wrapped around Savannah was comfortable, warm, and he was one hundred percent content. It was why he snuggled closer to kiss the back of her neck, shifting his hand down to settle more closely around her middle.

Breakfast with his dysfunctional family wasn't going to happen.

[OOC: NFB and for the girl in bed with him, la.]

It was another lazy Sunday evening and Johnny sought to keep it that way by channel surfing. Nothing much on to catch his interest, but he had popcorn so it was something.

Maybe he'd torch Ben's pillow later. That was something too. The look on his face would no doubt be better than popcorn.

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He'd been singing randomly all day long. Some good, some bad, some managed to irritate Ben which hey, there were too many songs about rocks out there or at least rockin' something. Johnny'd been amused for most of it.

Laying in bed now, his mind was on Savannah, as it usually was when he went to bed. He half way expected to sing something and he wasn't disappointed.

Last song of the day )

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Ever since leaving Fandom, and more importantly Savannah, Johnny loved his beer. Like more than usual. He also was kind of moody and cranky and his room was a mess. He didn't allow Sue in. Much.

So when he woke this morning to a scantily clad woman peering down at him, he had to chuckle. Leave it to Sue to hire hot help to kick his ass into shape.

The girl wasn't cleaning, however, she was climbing into bed with him.

"Whoa, wait there..." he said and scrambled to the other side until he slipped off and thudded to the floor.

"But Johnny, I thought you loved me," she teased with a grin, running her finger from her lip to her cleavage.

"Uh. Did I get trashed last night and can't remember what the hell happened?" If so? Shiiiiiiiit.

She shook her head. "No, not at all. But don't you recognize me? I'm your bud."


The hours that followed were nearly mind numbing.

Currently he sat on his sofa and watched CNN. His Bud? On the seat next to him, making sure he had a fresh beer in hand.

Johnny was sort of in a chillaxed zoned out state of mind.

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