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Savannah and Johnny did the whole spending time with each other's families for Christmas. A day each. And it was enough. The rest of their break would be spent with each other, basking in the sun, snorkeling, fishing (Johnny would like to try, hush), and you know, doing what they did best.

Currently they were waist deep in the most gorgeous water ever, and Johnny was enjoying himself by splashing his girlfriend. It was what boyfriends did, right? Especially since she was wearing next to nothing. She deserved to be flirted with.

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Johnny was wrapped around his girlfriend, snuggled under the covers, and snoring lightly. He was totally out, mumbling in his sleep every now and then about family and the Bahamas and cute little bikini's. His dreams were awesome, dude. Save the family part. That was not good and he grumbled into his snore, pressing closer against the small, soft girl in bed with him.

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As mentioned earlier to Savannah at work, Johnny had the room lit with softly scented candles. He'd changed the bed sheets over to black silk and tossed pink rose petals all over the black faux fur coverlet that blanketed the top. Jazz was playing softly in the background and Destiny was quiet, asleep in her bed on the floor.

Johnny was dressed in silk pajama pants and lounged on the bed, a crystal glass in hand that he sipped from occassionally.

He could be romantic. Sure he could.

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Johnny was going home tonight and wouldn't be back until Sunday sometime. He... really needed to tell Savannah.

After work, he came back and showered and waited around to do just that, though he wasn't much looking forward to it. He loved her and didn't want her upset with him. Still, he was going flying with Reed and Ben and there was just no quelling that excitment.

He should have bought her flowers. That might soften the news a bit.

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As promised, Johnny had movies and beer ready for his and Savannah's night in. Okay, they practically spent every night in but tonight they were doing horror flicks and beer. Couldn't get much better than that.

Destiny was cozy on the foot of the bed, and Johnny, dressed in a pair of jeans, was comfy with pillows against his back, leaning against the headboard. Remote control was in his hand and he was ready to get the movie started.

[For the girl.] 
They had stayed up so late last night, their prom attire strewn across the floor, the bedcovers tangled amonst their limbs. Even in his sleep, Johnny held Savannah close, his breathing deep and even as he unconsciously caressed her bare back.

Unfortunately for the sleeping couple, they were entirely unaware of what was about to wake them, possibly to boggle their mind unlike anything Fandom has ever tossed at them before.

And that time was now...

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Johnny barely had the door shut and locked before he had Savannah up against it, his hand at her hip, and his mouth covering hers.

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Johnny was sleeping soundly. So good in fact he hadn't realized he was being a total cover hog. He didn't mean too, just like Savannah didn't mean to be snuggly and put her hair all over his pillow. If he was awake he would have to tell her to move cause hugging girls was just icky. So was kissing them on the cheek but that was for a special reason. Johnny can do special reasons cause they're special. Wyatt marrying them was special.

He made a silent promise last night before he went to bed that he was going to be good tomorrow. No more getting in trouble unless Dick hit him again and called him bad names. He wasn't a wuss. He should find Meg sometime too and tell her he was sorry. Maybe. Cause that might be embarrassing.

Maybe he would play with Isabel and Chris again, and Summer. Summer is very pretty. Meg might be prettier even if she did put him in time-out. He wouldn't make Lana cry - that made Johnny sad.

But he was sleeping so he wasn't thinking of any of this stuff now. He was dreaming of being a knight and protecting the huge tower from the fire breathing dragon.

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Johnny was finishing up his packing as he watched Savannah do the same. He was grinning slightly and thought to tease her a little. "You know, I know we talked about exchanging gifts today, but I... think I'll make you wait until tomorrow." He winked at her. "How's that sound, sweetheart?"

Her gifts were actually wrapped up and sitting on his bed and he knew she had to be all kinds of curious. And Johnny knew he would be giving them to her before they left. He, uh, didn't want Savannah opening at least one of them up in front of his family. No way.

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Sunday was a day for being lazy and Johnny was living up to it by laying around on his bed, flipping through the latest ESPN magazine. He really ought to be studying for finals but maaan, to much thinking involved in that right now. Plus, hello, boring...

Maybe tonight he'd go flying. Maybe. First he'd see what Savannah was doing or if she had anything planned.

...and he also needed to call Sue. Confirm holiday plans. Ugh. He hoped she liked what he got her for Christmas. Hopefully it would make her happy and keep her off his back.

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Johnny slept good last night curled up around his girlfriend. They might not have actually fallen asleep until late but hey, it was all good. If you know what I mean. 

As it was, the sun was up and shining through their window, slowly making him stir and come to life. That was about the time he noticed that something just didn't seem right...

Savannah was there and she was warm and he moved closer to her, slowly blinking his eyes open to realize that Oh. My. God. his girlfriend was a freaking giant! Muttering and sputtering, Johnny tried to scramble...

Wait... Scramble? No. No. No... he's never hiccupped fire before. A tiny puff of flame came from his mouth as he tried to make a noise, any noise, to wake Savannah up.

Then he flapped his wings.

WINGS! Oh my god no. Come on

[for Savannah!]
Johnny was standing at his closet door. He was staring at his firesuit and debating on whether or not he felt like going out and about. Flying sounded good about right now, but so did laying around and doing nothing. He'd spent some time at the market today and really wasn't too keen on getting back out.

It's just that flying, you know, is pretty damn awesome.

"Yeah, maybe later..." he said to himself and plopped down on the bed, grabbing the control to the TV and channel surfing. He hated feeling restless and he wasn't sure why he was feeling it now.

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Johnny was sitting on the edge of the bed, watching a motocross race on TV. He could be heard shouting a couple times at the race while he considered stupid moves a few of the guys were making.

He was also munching on popcorn and wondering where Savannah was.

[for his sweetie pie!] 
Johnny had Savannah in his arms when he walked through their door, shutting it with his foot before he carried her over to their bed. Rearing back, he sent tiny fireballs flickering quickly over to several candles in their room, lighting them, before he gave his full attention back to Savannah. Grinning handsomely, he moved over her, "Sorry pool time was cut short."

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 Taking Savannah from the Town Hall back to their room felt so good. Despite both of them being weak and drained, they each took hot showers, and Johnny sat Savannah down and brushed and dried her hair for her so she didn't have to climb into bed with wet hair.

Snuggling close, the covers pulled up around them, Johnny warmed her by wrapping his arms around her and bringing her in close. "I love you," he whispered against her temple before he kissed that exact spot.

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Johnny opened the door for Savannah and once they were inside, he dropped their overnight bags in the entranceway. The room was nice with a view of the ocean. But, uh, it wasn't like Johnny was paying attention to anything other than his girlfriend.

"So, um, what do you want to do first? Change? Eat? Change?"

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