Johnny was hanging out, enjoying beer and ESPN, waiting on Savannah to get there.

He might be feeling somewhat anxious as well. Thus the beer. His fifth bottle already. Glancing every so often at the little box he was going to be gifting her with, didn't help.

[For his woman, yo. :D ]

After his nice little chat with Mary, Johnny secured the keys to his favorite suite and headed on up with his luggage. It was an excellent room and over the course of the weekend, he planned on letting Savannah take advantage of the pole. He was such a thoughtful boyfriend.

Tossing his bag, he headed towards the mini bar and poured himself a glass of whiskey before he settled on the sofa to call his girl.

"Hey babe. I'm in my... your favorite room at The Arms. Don't make me wait too long, sweetheart."

With a sly, somewhat quirky grin, Johnny stared at the pole and envisioned a half dressed Savannah using it for his pleasure.

Ah, life was good.

[[OOC: For his woman. Rawr.]]

He couldn't help himself; he'd had to acquire the Stripper Pole Suite at the arms and knew Savannah wouldn't mind. Gunther smirked at him when he handed over the key, but the man had to be totally jealous. Totally.

Opening the door for Savannah, he moved in behind her, kicking the door shut with the heel of his shoe. Bending, he placed a warm kiss on her neck before he wandered in further, dropping both their bags on the floor. The mini bar was stocked and there was a large bouquet of roses on the table, compliments of Johnny. He'd ordered them while Savannah had left Luke's to pack her bag.

"Sweetheart," he said, "tell me that pole is going to get some use?"

[For Savannah. Gunther and room modded with permission. Likedly to go NWS.]


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