The sky was just starting to turn colors with the oncoming night; stars just beginning to twinkle if you tilted your head and looked straight up. Johnny smiled to himself and walked back inside his and Savannah's beach hut, moving off towards their room where she was.

Dressed very casual in a pair of tan shorts and a white, button up shirt (though he left it entirely unbuttoned), his grin grew even more when he saw her. "Dinner is ready," he said, and extended his hand towards her, ready to lead her outside to the small deck where their meal was set up by way of torches and candlelight.

[For le girl, and I'm just going to say it now, this post will be NWS eventually. Hah! NFB due to distance.]
Johnny was leaning against the wall, near to Savannah, watching her as she finished getting ready for their evening out. She was so beautiful; everything about her, and he thought he didn't tell her enough. It wasn't just the outter shell, but who she was inside and more that not did he often feel he wasn't worthy of any devotion on her part. He was a cocky, arrogant, hot headed bastard and he knew it. But, he did love her and if he loved her then there had to be something good inside of him. Sue knew it was there; told him he just needed to grow up and then he would settle into it. Johnny wasn't so sure. He just knew he wasn't giving up Savannah any time soon. Possibly never.

"I spoke with Sue last night," he said, making easy conversation as Savannah applied gloss to her lips. "Seems that press conference is being planned so I'll have to head home for a weekend here soon. You still up for going with me?"

[ooc: For the girlfriend please, and up early for SP justice.]
While Savannah was lovingly modded out and about, Johnny took the opportunity to transform their room. He had roses placed everywhere, changed the bedding to black and red silk, and lit numerous candles, giving the room a soft, appealingly romantic glow.

On the bed sat a large teddy bear, and next to it was a box of chocolates. Also upon the bed, was a small gift bag which held two items and he was very much looking forward to giving them to Savannah.

Johnny turned on the cd player and waited for his girlfriend to come home.

[For the girlfriend please, and sp is love. ETA: yo, NWS!]
Johnny was bored. He had his stereo blaring, the door wide open, and he was tossing a ball off the wall while laid back on his bed.

The stereo might be up just a bit too loud but it was Hells Bells and how can you not crank AC/DC?

[like the door, the post is totally open. especially for the roomie girlfriend :D]


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