Johnny was in his room today and actually spent the night here instead of over at Savannah's. He wasn't sure how her date with Chris was going to go and didn't want to come back from the girlkissy party and interrupt anything. And he had heard radio and was definitely confused. He didn't sleep sleep with Savannah as he imagined everyone was taking it. And she was dating Chris.

He thought it might be time for him to step out of the picture and let her decide what she wanted to do. It's not like he was being exlusive or anything. He didn't need anyone getting pissy with him...

Laying on his bed, he was tossing a small rubber ball off the wall, motocross highlights blaring from the TV.

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Johnny hadn't stayed at the Hotel last night. He had come home and slept in his own bed. Actually he had crashed because it had been pretty late.

This morning, he had showered, found something to eat, and came back to his room where he was planning on staying the rest of the day and evening.

He didn't need to see anyone or to talk about anything. But he wasn't in the best of moods and actually there was an ominous quality to his expression and manner of being.

Sitting at his desk, he was staring out his open window, his cell phone in his hand. He thought he might need to call Sue later.

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Johnny was preparing to go out. He was dressed up in a nice black suit and tie, white shirt. He preened before his tall oval mirror and gave himself the thumbs up.

Now, if only he could pick up chicks at Caritas tonight. Come on!

(You can talk to him before he leaves if you want - he's doing the whole picking up chicks thing again but at Caritas. Yo.)

It was late morning by the time Johnny made it back to his room. He had stayed up almost all night watching Lana sleep in case she had a nightmare. So he was a bit sluggish this morning despite inwardly flailing at the radio. He wondered when he was finally going to get used to this stuff being reported?

Dumping his stuff on the floor, he stripped down to his boxers and crawled into bed. Hiding Sleeping in his room all day was just what he needed. No classes. No work. Perfect.

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Coming back from the common room which is still being played in Johnny plopped down on his bed and inwardly went over the last two days in his head. He's had some up's and he's had some down's. He would like to have had more up's than down's but he knew he couldn't be picky here.

Lyman's class had really bothered him and now he was stuck with detention. He's served it before so he supposed he'd get over himself and serve it again.

He turned his cd player on low and laid back on his bed, contemplating everything.

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Okay, so he ditched his workshops last week, big deal. Although he might not be looking forward to dealing with Anakin come Friday.  

He forgot about work too. Eh, he was pretty sure Leo would understand. Supercross was so worth it.

"Oh my god, so sweet!" He laughed to himself as he started to pin up several poster pictures of himself on the wall above his bed.

"I am so awesome."

(open and sp is great love)

Johnny was laying on his bed and was suddenly smacked in the face with wisdom. And it kind of hurt

He totally freaking forgot his birthday. He was 17 now.

His birthday? Was Wednesday.

Sue didn't even call him. Ben didn't even call him. Reed didn't even call him.

He didn't even get a cupcake with a candle on it.

Or anything with glitter either.


(mostly just establishy but if anyone wants to poke their head in his room, his door is open. But gotta pretty much make it short and sweet as I won't be staying up too late tonight.)

After Flight and Flying, Johnny came back to discover he had some messages. He played the first one and totally wtf'ed over it. So he called Ronan back. He actually might like the thought of being tied up though.

The next message was a little different, not that he minded, and he totally called back, grinning even.

Charlie's message sort of boggled his mind, but he returned it anyways, letting her know that even though they weren't going to snog, he wasn't insulted. He would like to snog, but it wasn't a necessity. Really.

The next message was fun! And he totally returned it even though he had no clue who it was.

And...he'd be damned if he was going to be called Firelady. Johnny definitely returned this call.

What was up with Karal? Johnny didn't think he'd ever even used the word sex around Karal. Wait. There was that date thing when he picked up Jaina, but god no, he never even dared to mention anything about sex that night. Would have been nice. But uh, no. He called him back.

His roommate thinks he's a sick bastard? Come on! Yeah, he vented on that one. What the hell is going on with the freaking messages he was getting today? Maaan!

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It was Saturday which meant Johnny could be shirtless all he wanted. He was in his room, didn't have to go anywhere or do anything and today was totally for chillin'.

Actually he was trying to pick up his side of the room a tad. It sucked. Johnny wasn't in to all this cleaning crap. And he desperately needed some laundry done. There was a big pile of dirty clothes in a laundry basket sitting in a corner. Laundry sucked. He wasn't even sure how to begin with that.

His week had been pretty slow up till the end. What with getting pissed in Flight and Flying only to kick ass later, and then the faire with Isabel and Charlie and Chad, and the dancing was totally fun. He had really enjoyed that. Then there was his date with Savannah. Nothing could have topped his week off better. Plus? His nose didn't hurt at all anymore.

Only if someone nice came along and offered to do his laundry, cause that'd be great.

(brain is jello but door and post are open.)
Johnny still hadn't unpacked everything. His firesuit was thrown on his bed with a bunch of other crap while he headed out to get in some handwavey gym time before Arts & Crafts. Had to keep in shape, didn't he?

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Johnny got moved into his room all right. Though he did have only minor problems with his door knob. He wouldn't discuss how he got it to turn for him either.

He didn't care about unpacking. He just set his stuff wherever and tossed himself down onto his bed. More privacy was better but damn, he didn't have anyone to be private with. What the hell?

He was restless and bored and thought about his workshops today. They were made of awesomeness.

Still..."Ahhh, screw it." He dug through a bag and pulled out his toy. The thing. Then he made it talk, 'It's clobberin' time'

(ooc: open to anyone especially roomie if he wants..sp is love)

So, this was his dorm room. "Not bad, not bad." 

Johnny slung his bag and the rest of his stuff towards the bed he claimed, the rest on the floor surrounding it. He'd put it away later, or most of it. Knowing he was just moving out to a cabin later meant he didn't have to unpack crap right now if he didn't want to.

He stepped over to the window and opened it, peering out over the school grounds. "Too quiet."

For the next 15 minutes, Johnny took his time in hooking up his stereo system without a thought to his roommate or anyone else. Hey, who didn't love music?

Pretty soon Shed my Skin by Alter Bridge was blaring through his room and out into the hallway.

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