With Savannah having had things to do for the day, this left Johnny to his own devilish (yes, devilish) devices. Which almost always involved The Thing. Or Ben as he liked to be called. Ahem. Whatever. The day had been gloriously filled with the totally awesome of awesome pranks. One after another, and the stupid rock fell for each and evey one.

Wasn't Johnny's fault the big boulder lacked proper functioning brains.

But as the last came to an end. Johnny figured he better quit while he was ahead so he locked (double locked) the front door to his and Savannah's place. He wasn't worried. Not a bit. Locked doors just meant privacy.

Settling on the sofa with a six pack, he became totally engrossed in ESPN while waiting on his girl to get her butt back home.

[OOC: Open for his girl, phone calls, texts, whatever, yo!]

As much as he wasn't looking forward to this day, it was here, and there wasn't a damn thing he could do about it. It was time to go.

His stuff had been packed up and sent ahead save for the few things he'd left for Savannah. A few shirts, a hoodie; small incidentals that she'd wanted to keep with her. He'd said his goodbye to Destiny, and rather quietly did he and Savannah make their way to the causeway.

Everything that needed to be said, had already been said. It was the goodbye that was going to hurt like hell.

[[ OOC: And that's it for Johnny! Last post is mainly for Savannah but can be open before her if you like. ]]
Johnny's bike was idling; the chrome was polished, the tank full. Now all he needed was Hinata.

He trusted that she'd show, though he was a bit concerned she might have second thoughts. She didn't call him to tell him nevermind, so he knew she'd be here. He had her a helmet and hoped she'd dressed the part.

This wasn't a date. Not at all. He was like what, a big brother to her or something. Savannah totally wouldn't care. Right?


Straddling his motorcycle, he rested a hand on his thigh, looking out for the little girl that he was going to take for a ride.

[For the one mentioned, please.]


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