Dec. 5th, 2009

The sun shouldn't be shining on such a day. It just shouldn't.

Tears threatened his eyes as he looked down at his sleeping beauty. His comatose wife. In this hotel room hospital bed because of him. If someone were to stab him in the heart, he didn't imagine it would feel much worse than how he felt now.

And it was always the same from the housekeeping staff nurse who would come in and check monitors and Savannah's vitals. No change. Johnny didn't think his heart could take much more of this.

This isn't happening! Only ... it is. )
Johnny blinked, rubbed his burning eyes, and wanted to forget everything.

But the flashbacks continued, and they were superbly unkind.

[[ OOC: NFI, TBC, pre-played with the most awesome [ profile] walks_two_paths and [ profile] bigbrothersean OOC is A-okay. ]]
Johnny was still miserable. And ashamed. A bastard. He was the worst sort of husband out there. And Savannah, well, she was still beautifully comatose, which didn't help with the guilt here.

Not for the first time this day did he damn the sunshine that wanted to make everything cheerful.

Will this nightmare never end? )

[[ OOC: NFI, TBC, Continued from here, pre-played with the lovely [ profile] awakestheghosts OOC is A-okay. ]]
If crying miserably wasn't enough, Johnny didn't think his day could get much worse.

Unfortunately (and for the best) his mind was not veering towards southern belles. But then, had it ever?

Superheroes are not supposed to cry. They're not supposed to cheat on their wives either. )

[[ OOC: NFI, TBC, Continued from here pre-played with the maaaaahhhvelous [ profile] likethestore OOC is A-okay. ]]
Would this day, this misery, never end?

He clung to Savannah's limp hand, unwilling to move from her bedside.

Is there hope beyond the horizon? Time will only tell... )

[[ OOC: NFI, TBC, Continued from here pre-played with the fabulous [ profile] bigbrothersean and [ profile] awakestheghosts OOC is A-okay. ]]


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