Johnny cranked up his bike, let the purring of the motor settle over him in that feel-good way while he waited for Haku to show up. Idly he thought his bike might be too much for the smaller boy to handle, but he would see he supposed when Haku sat on it and got a feel for it.

First off, he thought a ride around the island would be great; Haku could sit behind him and see how it feels.

(Sorry up late!! Been gone all day! And obviously post is locked to Haku! ETA: SP is total love as I just found out I'm going to be pretty much unavailable this evening.)

It was late morning by the time Johnny made it back to his room. He had stayed up almost all night watching Lana sleep in case she had a nightmare. So he was a bit sluggish this morning despite inwardly flailing at the radio. He wondered when he was finally going to get used to this stuff being reported?

Dumping his stuff on the floor, he stripped down to his boxers and crawled into bed. Hiding Sleeping in his room all day was just what he needed. No classes. No work. Perfect.

(door's closed, post is open if you like, but you will have to wake him up cause he is sleeping..muah)

fantastic_torch: (teh sex)
Coming into the living room, Johnny picked up the remote control and started channel surfing. Yes, he was shirtless. He was going for the fashion trend that was apparently Fandom. Nahhh, really it's just cause it was comfortable. 

But if someone tried to throw glitter on him, he might have to throw a fit or something and that would totally ruin his good mood.

"I need some popcorn."

(open for any cabin mates or just anyone who might want to stop by.)


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