Johnny? Was ashamed of himself. Didn't matter that Fandom wacky took over for the weekend. He seemed to be a harlot no matter who he was. A shameless slut. And he took money from his own girlfriend. How freaking lame is that? 

He woke up, sat on the edge of the bed and stared down at the floor. He was good for nothing lately and it was seriously getting to him. This last bout of weirdness just proved to him that he was who he was and Savannah was most likely getting sick and tired of being hurt.

And then there was... Lana... damn. He had a whole lot of apologizing to do. Hoshi too... damn.

Johnny was a mess this morning.

[For the girl he shares a room with. SP is made of win.]
Johnny woke up and groaned, then he slipped out of bed, unmindful of the female form lying there still asleep. For now he simply wanted to get dressed. He had to work today and while he wasn't much up for teaching the Mambo, it put money in his pocket. Just like the woman whom he had slept with.

When he was dressed and his hair combed, he walked over to gently nudge her awake. "Hey, wake up. You didn't pay me last night and I need the money before I leave." Sadly, he couldn't even remember her name.

[ooc: For the girl in bed with him, and why yes, Johnny is now Johnny Castle from Dirty Dancing. Huzzzah!]


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