Johnny was sleeping soundly. So good in fact he hadn't realized he was being a total cover hog. He didn't mean too, just like Savannah didn't mean to be snuggly and put her hair all over his pillow. If he was awake he would have to tell her to move cause hugging girls was just icky. So was kissing them on the cheek but that was for a special reason. Johnny can do special reasons cause they're special. Wyatt marrying them was special.

He made a silent promise last night before he went to bed that he was going to be good tomorrow. No more getting in trouble unless Dick hit him again and called him bad names. He wasn't a wuss. He should find Meg sometime too and tell her he was sorry. Maybe. Cause that might be embarrassing.

Maybe he would play with Isabel and Chris again, and Summer. Summer is very pretty. Meg might be prettier even if she did put him in time-out. He wouldn't make Lana cry - that made Johnny sad.

But he was sleeping so he wasn't thinking of any of this stuff now. He was dreaming of being a knight and protecting the huge tower from the fire breathing dragon.

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Johnny had been up all night, holding the letter he'd gotten from Savannah. He sat back on their bed now, a headache blurring his vision as he tried to read it again. The paper was old, crinkled, and seeming to appear water stained in certain places. He could only imagine Savannah crying as she wrote it. 

The only bit of comfort he gained from it was that she was with Wyatt. He knew Wyatt would take care of her. 1923. Unbelievable.

He had to do something. He couldn't just sit here. Not when there were angels out there he could try to destroy.

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 Classes had gone pretty well today, despite the fact that he had pretty much egged Chris on and ended up wanting to plant his fist in his face. Amusing at first, yes. Later? Not so much. And, had he known he was the topic of conversation for a couple other people, he totally would have invited himself in and knocked a couple heads together. Damn boys and their ego's.

What? He wasn't including himself, come on!

He was currently playing X-Box, his lips pursed as he mumbled under his breath.

(Door is totally open!)


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