After Flight and Flying, Johnny came back to discover he had some messages. He played the first one and totally wtf'ed over it. So he called Ronan back. He actually might like the thought of being tied up though.

The next message was a little different, not that he minded, and he totally called back, grinning even.

Charlie's message sort of boggled his mind, but he returned it anyways, letting her know that even though they weren't going to snog, he wasn't insulted. He would like to snog, but it wasn't a necessity. Really.

The next message was fun! And he totally returned it even though he had no clue who it was.

And...he'd be damned if he was going to be called Firelady. Johnny definitely returned this call.

What was up with Karal? Johnny didn't think he'd ever even used the word sex around Karal. Wait. There was that date thing when he picked up Jaina, but god no, he never even dared to mention anything about sex that night. Would have been nice. But uh, no. He called him back.

His roommate thinks he's a sick bastard? Come on! Yeah, he vented on that one. What the hell is going on with the freaking messages he was getting today? Maaan!

(post is open and also open for editing omg)

fantastic_torch: (teh sex)
Coming into the living room, Johnny picked up the remote control and started channel surfing. Yes, he was shirtless. He was going for the fashion trend that was apparently Fandom. Nahhh, really it's just cause it was comfortable. 

But if someone tried to throw glitter on him, he might have to throw a fit or something and that would totally ruin his good mood.

"I need some popcorn."

(open for any cabin mates or just anyone who might want to stop by.)


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