Johnny was hanging out, enjoying beer and ESPN, waiting on Savannah to get there.

He might be feeling somewhat anxious as well. Thus the beer. His fifth bottle already. Glancing every so often at the little box he was going to be gifting her with, didn't help.

[For his woman, yo. :D ]

After his nice little chat with Mary, Johnny secured the keys to his favorite suite and headed on up with his luggage. It was an excellent room and over the course of the weekend, he planned on letting Savannah take advantage of the pole. He was such a thoughtful boyfriend.

Tossing his bag, he headed towards the mini bar and poured himself a glass of whiskey before he settled on the sofa to call his girl.

"Hey babe. I'm in my... your favorite room at The Arms. Don't make me wait too long, sweetheart."

With a sly, somewhat quirky grin, Johnny stared at the pole and envisioned a half dressed Savannah using it for his pleasure.

Ah, life was good.

[[OOC: For his woman. Rawr.]]

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Johnny felt this particular island might become tradition for spending the arrival of the New Year with Savannah. Honestly he couldn't think of a better way to do it and knowing that she'd rather be here with him than anywhere else, made his plans totally awesome.

Laying out on the beach, he teased her skin with the pad of his fingertip before he lightly flicked sand at her. "I think someone needs to get dunked in the ocean."

[NFB and for that girl.]
With the passing of the last few crazy days, it was no wonder that Johnny was loath to move from his current position in bed. Wrapped around Savannah was comfortable, warm, and he was one hundred percent content. It was why he snuggled closer to kiss the back of her neck, shifting his hand down to settle more closely around her middle.

Breakfast with his dysfunctional family wasn't going to happen.

[OOC: NFB and for the girl in bed with him, la.]
Missing his girlfriend meant that the first thing Johnny did when he and Savannah arrived, was take advantage of the lovely little private cottage, and more importantly the bed within. He let her know just how much he missed her and it was totally hot. And awesome. A couple - yes.. a couple - hours later, they showered and changed into their suits to head out to the beach. It was a gorgeous night and the stars were bright.

There was crab salad, cheese and crackers, and tropical drinks set up on a small table for their pleasure. Johnny paid handsomely for privacy so while pampering was expected, the help was rarely seen.

"You don't have to go back until Sunday, right?" he asked Savannah, leaning close to tease her lips with a small chunk of pineapple.

[[ OOC: NFB due to distance. For the girl ;) and up early for SP love. ]]
Johnny was chilling by watching a bit of TV, but he was rather anxious for Savannah to hurry up and get her butt over to him. He knew she had rehearsal and he was wearing patience pretty well. But damn if she shouldn't be here by now.

[[ For a specific phone call. NFB due to distance. ]]
Johnny had checked in, dumped his bag on his bed, and called Savannah. He didn't get away as early as he would have liked, but he was close and he hoped that made a difference.

[[ For his girl. ]]

As much as he wasn't looking forward to this day, it was here, and there wasn't a damn thing he could do about it. It was time to go.

His stuff had been packed up and sent ahead save for the few things he'd left for Savannah. A few shirts, a hoodie; small incidentals that she'd wanted to keep with her. He'd said his goodbye to Destiny, and rather quietly did he and Savannah make their way to the causeway.

Everything that needed to be said, had already been said. It was the goodbye that was going to hurt like hell.

[[ OOC: And that's it for Johnny! Last post is mainly for Savannah but can be open before her if you like. ]]
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Johnny was pacing back and forth, pensive and thoughtful as he considered the creatures outside. It would be easy: he could torch them. All of them. The stench might be upsetting but that was little worry if Fandom became zombie free. Seriously. He was lacking in the torching things department and zombies are dead. They'd hardly feel a thing and be nothing more than a pile of ash in seconds.

Destiny jumped up against his legs, tired of watching him move back and forth. Bending, he picked her up and gave her lovin'.

This kind of stuff, this fandom random crap, is what he worried about when he thought about graduation and leaving Savannah behind.

[The door is closed, post open.]
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Since bringing Savannah back from the clinic, Johnny had kept close but not too close as to be overwhelming. He didn't like what was going on but with nothing else to do at the moment, her comfort and care was extremely important.

He roused slowly and reached an arm over, across her, letting her know he hadn't gone anywhere during the night.

[For Savannah pls, and SP is love.]

Savannah was probably wondering where Johnny was. Worried most like. Probaly wanting to kick his ass by now for not coming home last night or calling to tell her where he was. 

Truth was, he handwavily slept in the common room last night to avoid having to explain to her what he did and who he now was. He was a bit out of sorts when he woke up and realized his forehead was still with the ridges. 

But... he couldn't let her worry, right? That's why he stood outside their dorm room and knocked. If he walked right in she'd freak.

Maaaan, this sucked.

Johnny didn't have any classes till Thursday which meant he could totally take advantage of his free time.

So, sitting behind the cheap set of drums he purchased, he was banging away, actually sounding pretty good. And when he really got into it, he lit the drumsticks Reed made for him, on fire, and wasn't that so freaking awesome! Chad would be proud of his progress, Johnny thought.

The door was wide open.

[So is the post!]
Johnny was lazy and had been all day long. No classes, no work, meant he and the TV were getting along great. It also meant that he really didn't have to get dressed. Gym shorts was all he sported, that and the can of soda he held in his right hand. He was watching a motocross marathon on ESPN and he was totally zoned out to anything else going on around him. 

Summer camp was totally awesome.

[Open to any of the cabinmates. Or anyone really!]

Johnny had been up all night, holding the letter he'd gotten from Savannah. He sat back on their bed now, a headache blurring his vision as he tried to read it again. The paper was old, crinkled, and seeming to appear water stained in certain places. He could only imagine Savannah crying as she wrote it. 

The only bit of comfort he gained from it was that she was with Wyatt. He knew Wyatt would take care of her. 1923. Unbelievable.

He had to do something. He couldn't just sit here. Not when there were angels out there he could try to destroy.

[Establishy as I'm going to be in and out all day, and then AFK this evening for a few hours at least.]

Dragon!Johnny was playing with Savannah's hair while she was sleeping. He was prouncing around, flapping his wings, and breathing fire up into the air. He's gotten pretty good at this over the week and could now fly pretty good. It was awesome.

But he was awake now and he wanted her attention. He wanted to go do something. He wanted to go outside and torch flies. Or... something.

Making tiny dragon noises, he flapped his wings until he was just high enough to stare down into her sleeping face. Flying around the room ought to wake her up. He started to do just that when he felt something odd... something... "Oh shi--!" Johnny fell flat on his face on the floor of their room. No more dragon. Just Johnny. Just manly Johnny in all his glorious manly self.

What? He was glorious, come on!

[establishy but open. sp is made of love]
"I AM NOT WYATT!" Johnny shot up in bed, blinking wide, waking up from some sort of nightmare where he and Chris were brothers and his name was Wyatt and Savannah and Summer were BFF's and... "What the hell?"

He rubbed his eyes and tried to wipe the images from his mind. Not that they were necessarily bad, just... unnerving in a weird sort of way.

[For the girlfriend, plz.] 

[ooc: Pre-played with the lovely [profile] a_phale  whom I thank very much with cookies! Room 217 modded with permission. The post can be very much open!]
Johnny was sprawled out on Savannah's bed reading a current issue of motorcross. Thankfully his tongue fell from the roof of his mouth sometime during the night and he was able to eat breakfast and lunch today. Actually he ate two cheeseburgers in the cafeteria and tomorrow he'd hit the gym.

For now he was chillin' with one of his favorite magazines, listening to a lady cook something or other on TV. Yeah, life was pretty okay right now.

He just wondered where Savannah was.

(ooc: Room modded with permission, and post is open! Especially for Savannah! ETA: Savannah calling EVE "mom" is NFB.)

Johnny hadn't stayed at the Hotel last night. He had come home and slept in his own bed. Actually he had crashed because it had been pretty late.

This morning, he had showered, found something to eat, and came back to his room where he was planning on staying the rest of the day and evening.

He didn't need to see anyone or to talk about anything. But he wasn't in the best of moods and actually there was an ominous quality to his expression and manner of being.

Sitting at his desk, he was staring out his open window, his cell phone in his hand. He thought he might need to call Sue later.

[post is open but beware - he's growly]

The handwavily made trip to DC had been nice. Fairly short but enough time for Johnny and Savannah to converse conversationally in the backseat of the cab and just enjoy the ride.

The couple looked extremely nice, at least this is what Johnny thought when he stepped out of the cab in his very nice suit, holding his hand out for Savannah. Smiling with a bit of cockiness, he knew every guy out there would be jealous with envy when they saw her; but for the evening she was his, and he was going to treat her exceptionally well. He spent a day and a half planning for this evening and he wanted it to go perfect.

Standing on the sidewalk before the restaurant where Johnny had made reservations, he looked down at her, her hand upon his arm, and said softly, "I hope you like French, sweetheart." When the doors opened for them, he placed his hand at the small of her back, and escorted her in.

(Minor ocd coming is up! Johnny and Savannah leaving the island is fine for broadcast, everything after NFB due to distance. Savannah modded with permission!)
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