Johnny stumbled into his room after spending quality time with his fake bro at Caritas, and having a bit of a convo with Ronan. He also enjoyed a whiskey bottle all to himself. Once you got to drinking it, it was hard to quit.

He just couldn't get his clothes off and was muttering under his breath before he just fell face first on his bed, his shirt half off and his pants undone. 

Work was going to suck tomorrow.

(establishly unless the girlfriend wants to poke at him.)
Johnny was laying on his bed and was suddenly smacked in the face with wisdom. And it kind of hurt

He totally freaking forgot his birthday. He was 17 now.

His birthday? Was Wednesday.

Sue didn't even call him. Ben didn't even call him. Reed didn't even call him.

He didn't even get a cupcake with a candle on it.

Or anything with glitter either.


(mostly just establishy but if anyone wants to poke their head in his room, his door is open. But gotta pretty much make it short and sweet as I won't be staying up too late tonight.)

After Flight and Flying, Johnny came back to discover he had some messages. He played the first one and totally wtf'ed over it. So he called Ronan back. He actually might like the thought of being tied up though.

The next message was a little different, not that he minded, and he totally called back, grinning even.

Charlie's message sort of boggled his mind, but he returned it anyways, letting her know that even though they weren't going to snog, he wasn't insulted. He would like to snog, but it wasn't a necessity. Really.

The next message was fun! And he totally returned it even though he had no clue who it was.

And...he'd be damned if he was going to be called Firelady. Johnny definitely returned this call.

What was up with Karal? Johnny didn't think he'd ever even used the word sex around Karal. Wait. There was that date thing when he picked up Jaina, but god no, he never even dared to mention anything about sex that night. Would have been nice. But uh, no. He called him back.

His roommate thinks he's a sick bastard? Come on! Yeah, he vented on that one. What the hell is going on with the freaking messages he was getting today? Maaan!

(post is open and also open for editing omg)

Johnny led Ronan into his cabin, glancing over his shoulder at him before he led him further back, towards his alcove.

Upon entering, he smiled a sheepish grin at seeing the helter-skelter of the place. He wasn't exactly the neatest person in the world. Or his world. But he was sure Ronan wouldn't mind a few pieces of clothing having been tossed here and there.

Turning to face him, he shoved his hands in his back pockets, "So..."

(For Ronan, obviously, and it is fine to say that Ronan was here, but conversation and whatnot NFB & NWSish.)


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