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Johnny felt this particular island might become tradition for spending the arrival of the New Year with Savannah. Honestly he couldn't think of a better way to do it and knowing that she'd rather be here with him than anywhere else, made his plans totally awesome.

Laying out on the beach, he teased her skin with the pad of his fingertip before he lightly flicked sand at her. "I think someone needs to get dunked in the ocean."

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Missing his girlfriend meant that the first thing Johnny did when he and Savannah arrived, was take advantage of the lovely little private cottage, and more importantly the bed within. He let her know just how much he missed her and it was totally hot. And awesome. A couple - yes.. a couple - hours later, they showered and changed into their suits to head out to the beach. It was a gorgeous night and the stars were bright.

There was crab salad, cheese and crackers, and tropical drinks set up on a small table for their pleasure. Johnny paid handsomely for privacy so while pampering was expected, the help was rarely seen.

"You don't have to go back until Sunday, right?" he asked Savannah, leaning close to tease her lips with a small chunk of pineapple.

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Johnny was chilling by watching a bit of TV, but he was rather anxious for Savannah to hurry up and get her butt over to him. He knew she had rehearsal and he was wearing patience pretty well. But damn if she shouldn't be here by now.

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Johnny had checked in, dumped his bag on his bed, and called Savannah. He didn't get away as early as he would have liked, but he was close and he hoped that made a difference.

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The sky was just starting to turn colors with the oncoming night; stars just beginning to twinkle if you tilted your head and looked straight up. Johnny smiled to himself and walked back inside his and Savannah's beach hut, moving off towards their room where she was.

Dressed very casual in a pair of tan shorts and a white, button up shirt (though he left it entirely unbuttoned), his grin grew even more when he saw her. "Dinner is ready," he said, and extended his hand towards her, ready to lead her outside to the small deck where their meal was set up by way of torches and candlelight.

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Savannah and Johnny did the whole spending time with each other's families for Christmas. A day each. And it was enough. The rest of their break would be spent with each other, basking in the sun, snorkeling, fishing (Johnny would like to try, hush), and you know, doing what they did best.

Currently they were waist deep in the most gorgeous water ever, and Johnny was enjoying himself by splashing his girlfriend. It was what boyfriends did, right? Especially since she was wearing next to nothing. She deserved to be flirted with.

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