Johnny was in the kitchen flipping burgers. He'd lost a stupid coin toss with the head cook so, honoring his loss, he was cooking. Hopefully he didn't have to like, make something hard.

Anyhow, Lukes was open and customer ready.

[No OCD cause I am dead tired.]
Johnny was at work, sitting behind the counter and staring down at his shoes. He was being contemplative this morning. Contemplating on various subjects of importance. Which was odd for him. Still, there he was.

The shop was quiet and it was open.
Johnny was sprawled out on Savannah's bed reading a current issue of motorcross. Thankfully his tongue fell from the roof of his mouth sometime during the night and he was able to eat breakfast and lunch today. Actually he ate two cheeseburgers in the cafeteria and tomorrow he'd hit the gym.

For now he was chillin' with one of his favorite magazines, listening to a lady cook something or other on TV. Yeah, life was pretty okay right now.

He just wondered where Savannah was.

(ooc: Room modded with permission, and post is open! Especially for Savannah! ETA: Savannah calling EVE "mom" is NFB.)

Johnny had his motorcycle out and ready to go. Taking a leisurely ride around town seemed perfect, especially with a hot chick sitting behind you, holding on. And there was no doubt about it; Savannah was a hot chick.

So there was Johnny, standing by his bike with shades on, waiting for her.

(post is for [personal profile] walks_two_paths thanks.)
Johnny was preparing to go out. He was dressed up in a nice black suit and tie, white shirt. He preened before his tall oval mirror and gave himself the thumbs up.

Now, if only he could pick up chicks at Caritas tonight. Come on!

(You can talk to him before he leaves if you want - he's doing the whole picking up chicks thing again but at Caritas. Yo.)

It was late morning by the time Johnny made it back to his room. He had stayed up almost all night watching Lana sleep in case she had a nightmare. So he was a bit sluggish this morning despite inwardly flailing at the radio. He wondered when he was finally going to get used to this stuff being reported?

Dumping his stuff on the floor, he stripped down to his boxers and crawled into bed. Hiding Sleeping in his room all day was just what he needed. No classes. No work. Perfect.

(door's closed, post is open if you like, but you will have to wake him up cause he is sleeping..muah)

So, this was his dorm room. "Not bad, not bad." 

Johnny slung his bag and the rest of his stuff towards the bed he claimed, the rest on the floor surrounding it. He'd put it away later, or most of it. Knowing he was just moving out to a cabin later meant he didn't have to unpack crap right now if he didn't want to.

He stepped over to the window and opened it, peering out over the school grounds. "Too quiet."

For the next 15 minutes, Johnny took his time in hooking up his stereo system without a thought to his roommate or anyone else. Hey, who didn't love music?

Pretty soon Shed my Skin by Alter Bridge was blaring through his room and out into the hallway.

[open for anyone, especially roomie!]

"What the hell is this?" He spoke to himself, standing in the kitchen and staring down at some school brochure that had been left laying on the counter. A note had been paperclipped to the front marking this coming weekend. Johnny had a feeling this flimsy pamphlet was not the bearer of good news. Without bothering to read it, he stormed off in search of Sue.

(ooc: a big thank you to the brilliant [ profile] a_phale for playing the part of Sue Storm for me! I give her lots of cookies and hugs too for doing the coding as well! I totally suck at it.)


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