Johnny, nice and warm and just ohhh so feeling right, woke up slowly to the sound of birds and other sorts of scurrying noises around him.

He also woke up with his arm draped snugly around someone whom he was all too certain, wasn't his girlfriend.

Blinking his eyes open, he sat straight up and looked around.

... and noticed Chris.

"Oh my god!"

[For the ex-cowboy partner, yee haw..] 
"I AM NOT WYATT!" Johnny shot up in bed, blinking wide, waking up from some sort of nightmare where he and Chris were brothers and his name was Wyatt and Savannah and Summer were BFF's and... "What the hell?"

He rubbed his eyes and tried to wipe the images from his mind. Not that they were necessarily bad, just... unnerving in a weird sort of way.

[For the girlfriend, plz.] 
Johnny was in his room today and actually spent the night here instead of over at Savannah's. He wasn't sure how her date with Chris was going to go and didn't want to come back from the girlkissy party and interrupt anything. And he had heard radio and was definitely confused. He didn't sleep sleep with Savannah as he imagined everyone was taking it. And she was dating Chris.

He thought it might be time for him to step out of the picture and let her decide what she wanted to do. It's not like he was being exlusive or anything. He didn't need anyone getting pissy with him...

Laying on his bed, he was tossing a small rubber ball off the wall, motocross highlights blaring from the TV.

(door is open as is the post)

Johnny hadn't stayed at the Hotel last night. He had come home and slept in his own bed. Actually he had crashed because it had been pretty late.

This morning, he had showered, found something to eat, and came back to his room where he was planning on staying the rest of the day and evening.

He didn't need to see anyone or to talk about anything. But he wasn't in the best of moods and actually there was an ominous quality to his expression and manner of being.

Sitting at his desk, he was staring out his open window, his cell phone in his hand. He thought he might need to call Sue later.

[post is open but beware - he's growly]

The handwavily made trip to DC had been nice. Fairly short but enough time for Johnny and Savannah to converse conversationally in the backseat of the cab and just enjoy the ride.

The couple looked extremely nice, at least this is what Johnny thought when he stepped out of the cab in his very nice suit, holding his hand out for Savannah. Smiling with a bit of cockiness, he knew every guy out there would be jealous with envy when they saw her; but for the evening she was his, and he was going to treat her exceptionally well. He spent a day and a half planning for this evening and he wanted it to go perfect.

Standing on the sidewalk before the restaurant where Johnny had made reservations, he looked down at her, her hand upon his arm, and said softly, "I hope you like French, sweetheart." When the doors opened for them, he placed his hand at the small of her back, and escorted her in.

(Minor ocd coming is up! Johnny and Savannah leaving the island is fine for broadcast, everything after NFB due to distance. Savannah modded with permission!)
(ETA: sp is total love!)

It was Saturday which meant Johnny could be shirtless all he wanted. He was in his room, didn't have to go anywhere or do anything and today was totally for chillin'.

Actually he was trying to pick up his side of the room a tad. It sucked. Johnny wasn't in to all this cleaning crap. And he desperately needed some laundry done. There was a big pile of dirty clothes in a laundry basket sitting in a corner. Laundry sucked. He wasn't even sure how to begin with that.

His week had been pretty slow up till the end. What with getting pissed in Flight and Flying only to kick ass later, and then the faire with Isabel and Charlie and Chad, and the dancing was totally fun. He had really enjoyed that. Then there was his date with Savannah. Nothing could have topped his week off better. Plus? His nose didn't hurt at all anymore.

Only if someone nice came along and offered to do his laundry, cause that'd be great.

(brain is jello but door and post are open.)
Johnny got moved into his room all right. Though he did have only minor problems with his door knob. He wouldn't discuss how he got it to turn for him either.

He didn't care about unpacking. He just set his stuff wherever and tossed himself down onto his bed. More privacy was better but damn, he didn't have anyone to be private with. What the hell?

He was restless and bored and thought about his workshops today. They were made of awesomeness.

Still..."Ahhh, screw it." He dug through a bag and pulled out his toy. The thing. Then he made it talk, 'It's clobberin' time'

(ooc: open to anyone especially roomie if he wants..sp is love)
Johnny was in his alcove, music going as he started packing up his stuff. He didn't have a whole lot to pack since he didn't really unpack everything when he first arrived. What? He was a guy, not like it mattered where his stuff went anyway.

After he tossed a few things into a bag, he fell back on his bed with his laptop, logging in to Transworld Motocross to see what was happening. It'd been a great day, what with Flag Foot ball and all, so now he was just chillin'.

(open to any cabinmates, or whomever.)
Johnny had done his best to lay low all day, and really he had done a pretty good job of it. Even now as he neared the cabin door, he kept his head slightly lowered, his body posture uninviting to ward off any that might want to question him about yesterday's events. He didn't feel like talking about it. He wouldn't talk about it. Nope.

Of course, there was Charlie. He had to tell her he was sorry for the way he had acted. And then there was Ronan and...

Johnny swiped his hand over his face then raised his knuckles to the door, giving it a good solid knock.

(ooc: Johnny is here for [personal profile] girlzippo but as always, if anyone so desires to pester chat at him, be my guest.)
Johnny led Ronan into his cabin, glancing over his shoulder at him before he led him further back, towards his alcove.

Upon entering, he smiled a sheepish grin at seeing the helter-skelter of the place. He wasn't exactly the neatest person in the world. Or his world. But he was sure Ronan wouldn't mind a few pieces of clothing having been tossed here and there.

Turning to face him, he shoved his hands in his back pockets, "So..."

(For Ronan, obviously, and it is fine to say that Ronan was here, but conversation and whatnot NFB & NWSish.)

Johnny was thinking this was becoming habit: Go to cabin that's not his, pick up chick, wait, get grilled by other cabin mates, then pick up chick. Hang out, do whatever. Be totally cool. 

But this was not a date. No way. This was just a going to lunch, hey! new friend! thing except Tori is totally hot with a surfer bod! and you just couldn't go wrong with pizza. If they were to go out at night for pizza? Totally a date. Night changes everything. It was written down somewhere - 

So, there he was, at the Pixie cabin door, knocking. Knock. Knock. Knock.

(up early because sp is so much love today, and for [profile] water_wonder please, though if any of the cabin mates want to have a go at him, you're welcome to it and whoa, deja vu..)

Johnny was prepared tonight as he ambled up to the cabin door; no way were any guys going to get the better of him, not like last night.

He put on his serious face and knocked loudly on the door. Yes. Loudly. And no, he would not just walk in because it was not his cabin. What if someone was inside and naked?

Well, he might have to walk in if the door isn't answered pretty soon.

(Johnny is here for [personal profile] girlzippo but any of the cabin mates are more than welcome to have a chat! Or let  him in, yo)
Showered, somewhat shaved, looking pretty spiffy, Johnny made his way to the cabin door. Raising his hand, he let his knuckles rasp against the wood a couple times, waiting patiently to be let in.

And yes, he was totally looking forward to his night with Jaina. He was prepared. There was no way he was going to boggle at the zombie band tonight and lose his cool.

(Johnny is here for [profile] trickster_twin but any of the cabin mates are welcome to him before his date!)

Johnny took time with his appearance tonight, thinking to impress Savannah. But after he got ready, he shrugged; he looked like he did any other day of the week. Which was totally awesome.

Making his way over to Salamander, instead of just entering, Johnny knocked on the cabin door.

(ooc: Johnny is here for [personal profile] walks_two_paths but any of the cabin mates are more than welcome to introduce themselves and/or let him in.)


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