After Flight and Flying, Johnny came back to discover he had some messages. He played the first one and totally wtf'ed over it. So he called Ronan back. He actually might like the thought of being tied up though.

The next message was a little different, not that he minded, and he totally called back, grinning even.

Charlie's message sort of boggled his mind, but he returned it anyways, letting her know that even though they weren't going to snog, he wasn't insulted. He would like to snog, but it wasn't a necessity. Really.

The next message was fun! And he totally returned it even though he had no clue who it was.

And...he'd be damned if he was going to be called Firelady. Johnny definitely returned this call.

What was up with Karal? Johnny didn't think he'd ever even used the word sex around Karal. Wait. There was that date thing when he picked up Jaina, but god no, he never even dared to mention anything about sex that night. Would have been nice. But uh, no. He called him back.

His roommate thinks he's a sick bastard? Come on! Yeah, he vented on that one. What the hell is going on with the freaking messages he was getting today? Maaan!

(post is open and also open for editing omg)

Johnny got moved into his room all right. Though he did have only minor problems with his door knob. He wouldn't discuss how he got it to turn for him either.

He didn't care about unpacking. He just set his stuff wherever and tossed himself down onto his bed. More privacy was better but damn, he didn't have anyone to be private with. What the hell?

He was restless and bored and thought about his workshops today. They were made of awesomeness.

Still..."Ahhh, screw it." He dug through a bag and pulled out his toy. The thing. Then he made it talk, 'It's clobberin' time'

(ooc: open to anyone especially roomie if he wants..sp is love)
Showered, somewhat shaved, looking pretty spiffy, Johnny made his way to the cabin door. Raising his hand, he let his knuckles rasp against the wood a couple times, waiting patiently to be let in.

And yes, he was totally looking forward to his night with Jaina. He was prepared. There was no way he was going to boggle at the zombie band tonight and lose his cool.

(Johnny is here for [profile] trickster_twin but any of the cabin mates are welcome to him before his date!)


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