Johnny was lazy and had been all day long. No classes, no work, meant he and the TV were getting along great. It also meant that he really didn't have to get dressed. Gym shorts was all he sported, that and the can of soda he held in his right hand. He was watching a motocross marathon on ESPN and he was totally zoned out to anything else going on around him. 

Summer camp was totally awesome.

[Open to any of the cabinmates. Or anyone really!]
It was Saturday which meant Johnny could be shirtless all he wanted. He was in his room, didn't have to go anywhere or do anything and today was totally for chillin'.

Actually he was trying to pick up his side of the room a tad. It sucked. Johnny wasn't in to all this cleaning crap. And he desperately needed some laundry done. There was a big pile of dirty clothes in a laundry basket sitting in a corner. Laundry sucked. He wasn't even sure how to begin with that.

His week had been pretty slow up till the end. What with getting pissed in Flight and Flying only to kick ass later, and then the faire with Isabel and Charlie and Chad, and the dancing was totally fun. He had really enjoyed that. Then there was his date with Savannah. Nothing could have topped his week off better. Plus? His nose didn't hurt at all anymore.

Only if someone nice came along and offered to do his laundry, cause that'd be great.

(brain is jello but door and post are open.)
Johnny got moved into his room all right. Though he did have only minor problems with his door knob. He wouldn't discuss how he got it to turn for him either.

He didn't care about unpacking. He just set his stuff wherever and tossed himself down onto his bed. More privacy was better but damn, he didn't have anyone to be private with. What the hell?

He was restless and bored and thought about his workshops today. They were made of awesomeness.

Still..."Ahhh, screw it." He dug through a bag and pulled out his toy. The thing. Then he made it talk, 'It's clobberin' time'

(ooc: open to anyone especially roomie if he wants..sp is love)


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