Johnny was in his alcove, music going as he started packing up his stuff. He didn't have a whole lot to pack since he didn't really unpack everything when he first arrived. What? He was a guy, not like it mattered where his stuff went anyway.

After he tossed a few things into a bag, he fell back on his bed with his laptop, logging in to Transworld Motocross to see what was happening. It'd been a great day, what with Flag Foot ball and all, so now he was just chillin'.

(open to any cabinmates, or whomever.)
Johnny led Ronan into his cabin, glancing over his shoulder at him before he led him further back, towards his alcove.

Upon entering, he smiled a sheepish grin at seeing the helter-skelter of the place. He wasn't exactly the neatest person in the world. Or his world. But he was sure Ronan wouldn't mind a few pieces of clothing having been tossed here and there.

Turning to face him, he shoved his hands in his back pockets, "So..."

(For Ronan, obviously, and it is fine to say that Ronan was here, but conversation and whatnot NFB & NWSish.)
fantastic_torch: (teh sex)
Coming into the living room, Johnny picked up the remote control and started channel surfing. Yes, he was shirtless. He was going for the fashion trend that was apparently Fandom. Nahhh, really it's just cause it was comfortable. 

But if someone tried to throw glitter on him, he might have to throw a fit or something and that would totally ruin his good mood.

"I need some popcorn."

(open for any cabin mates or just anyone who might want to stop by.)
Johnny sat back on his bed, scribbling in his little black book.

Savannah, Salamander - Caritas Monday night.
Jaina, Chupacabra - Caritas Tuesday night
Abigail, Basilisk - working on it

"Chicks are like whoa hot. But which one did I promise a walk on the beach? Jaina or Savannah?" He scratched his head, trying to remember. "Hey, she'll remind me." Johnny grinned, thinking about drinking a few beers then walking on the beach. Totally hot. Maybe he'd just plan on walking on the beach with both girls. Could definitely work.

(establishy but he is interruptable, yes)


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