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Johnny's cell rang at ungodly o'clock this morning, and not wanting to wake Savannah, he slipped out into the hall to take it. The team needed him home. Now. Sue filled in with details and Johnny demanded two weeks. After a few moments, both realized arguing the point was futile and Sue said: "Two weeks, Johnny."


Quietly stepping back in, he dressed quickly and headed back out. He'd work on the senior project today and worry about telling Savannah later.

Probably not the best decision, but it worked for him.

[[ Establishy. ]]

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After recieving a certain phone message, Johnny wasted no time in getting a quick shower out of the way. He then proceeded to straighten the room mostly in an effort to contain the thin threads of self-control that linked his brain and his... lower half.

Damn, wasn't fifteen minutes up yet?

He was wearing a pair of faded jeans. And even that much clothing seemed awkwardly constraining.

The door was open.

[[ OOC: For one. And do I really need to say this is going to be NWS? Bow chicka bow bow. ]]

He couldn't help himself; he'd had to acquire the Stripper Pole Suite at the arms and knew Savannah wouldn't mind. Gunther smirked at him when he handed over the key, but the man had to be totally jealous. Totally.

Opening the door for Savannah, he moved in behind her, kicking the door shut with the heel of his shoe. Bending, he placed a warm kiss on her neck before he wandered in further, dropping both their bags on the floor. The mini bar was stocked and there was a large bouquet of roses on the table, compliments of Johnny. He'd ordered them while Savannah had left Luke's to pack her bag.

"Sweetheart," he said, "tell me that pole is going to get some use?"

[For Savannah. Gunther and room modded with permission. Likedly to go NWS.]

Okay, so if he was awake, he might be feeling a little bad for not making it to Prom last night with Savannah. However, he could not feel bad for what happened in their room while the decision was made to just stay in, because holy hell was last night awesome! So freaking hot that feeling bad about not making it to the dance would be hard to do. And he imagined Savannah might feel the same way.

As it was now, he lay on his back, blissfully in la la land, while she was curled up against him, both naked, both comfortable. And both not having the first clue that they were about to be interrupted by wee tiny kids.

[For his wife and their wee youngsters.]

Johnny was just chilling on his bed with a back issue of Motocross when Chris stopped by for a little guy time. Not dirty. And to make plans about a possible double-date.

If Johnny was thinking, he'd remember that the last time this happened, they turned into gay cowboys herding sheep.

But he wasn't thinking.

That's why the gremlin that snuck into his room bit Chris first, causing Johnny to jump up and scream like a girl, before he too was bitten.

And when he screamed again, it wasn't so much a scream as a deep throated, "Ah, goddamn it, Albert..."

[Establishy! Chris modded with permission.]

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Johnny was pacing back and forth, pensive and thoughtful as he considered the creatures outside. It would be easy: he could torch them. All of them. The stench might be upsetting but that was little worry if Fandom became zombie free. Seriously. He was lacking in the torching things department and zombies are dead. They'd hardly feel a thing and be nothing more than a pile of ash in seconds.

Destiny jumped up against his legs, tired of watching him move back and forth. Bending, he picked her up and gave her lovin'.

This kind of stuff, this fandom random crap, is what he worried about when he thought about graduation and leaving Savannah behind.

[The door is closed, post open.]

It happened again. How, why, who the hell knew. But lynx!Johnny was sitting on the bed, baby growling at Destiny who was prancing around and barking up at him.

This was going to be a very long weekend.

[OOC: La la la, going to be gone. Johnny is a wee lynx and the wife has full modding rights. Post is open for her only.]

Savannah and Johnny had enjoyed a long, well-spent day together with Chris and Summer, but afterwards they'd come back to their room, took a shower together, and ordered room service by candlelight. It was nice, romantic, and as they sat at the small table, they conversed easily, lightly, neither one really touching upon their marriage. Although Johnny wondered if Chris was right about the legal age in the states. Hm.

"Did you have fun on the buggy ride today?" he asked, lazily forking a bite of steak.

[For the wife. Muawhaha. And possibly going NWS. Also? Headed out to dinner so SP for now!]
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Since bringing Savannah back from the clinic, Johnny had kept close but not too close as to be overwhelming. He didn't like what was going on but with nothing else to do at the moment, her comfort and care was extremely important.

He roused slowly and reached an arm over, across her, letting her know he hadn't gone anywhere during the night.

[For Savannah pls, and SP is love.]

The sky was just starting to turn colors with the oncoming night; stars just beginning to twinkle if you tilted your head and looked straight up. Johnny smiled to himself and walked back inside his and Savannah's beach hut, moving off towards their room where she was.

Dressed very casual in a pair of tan shorts and a white, button up shirt (though he left it entirely unbuttoned), his grin grew even more when he saw her. "Dinner is ready," he said, and extended his hand towards her, ready to lead her outside to the small deck where their meal was set up by way of torches and candlelight.

[For le girl, and I'm just going to say it now, this post will be NWS eventually. Hah! NFB due to distance.]
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Savannah and Johnny did the whole spending time with each other's families for Christmas. A day each. And it was enough. The rest of their break would be spent with each other, basking in the sun, snorkeling, fishing (Johnny would like to try, hush), and you know, doing what they did best.

Currently they were waist deep in the most gorgeous water ever, and Johnny was enjoying himself by splashing his girlfriend. It was what boyfriends did, right? Especially since she was wearing next to nothing. She deserved to be flirted with.

[For the girl who was modded with permission! NFB due to distance.]

Johnny was wrapped around his girlfriend, snuggled under the covers, and snoring lightly. He was totally out, mumbling in his sleep every now and then about family and the Bahamas and cute little bikini's. His dreams were awesome, dude. Save the family part. That was not good and he grumbled into his snore, pressing closer against the small, soft girl in bed with him.

[For she who is in bed with him. ETA: Oops, morning post is going NWS. Imagine that.]

Johnny was watching TV. He was watching bikes jump through hoops of fire. No, he did not yet realize he had turned into a wee baby lynx. He was totally tuned into ESPN, yo.

[Establishy and for the girl.]
As mentioned earlier to Savannah at work, Johnny had the room lit with softly scented candles. He'd changed the bed sheets over to black silk and tossed pink rose petals all over the black faux fur coverlet that blanketed the top. Jazz was playing softly in the background and Destiny was quiet, asleep in her bed on the floor.

Johnny was dressed in silk pajama pants and lounged on the bed, a crystal glass in hand that he sipped from occassionally.

He could be romantic. Sure he could.

[For the girl. ETA: going NWS.]
He knew better now. She was having an affair. Screw the amnesia.

The slut.


His cell rang while he was in the middle of thinking. Glancing down at the number he groaned. He was not going to answer it. He was waiting for his girlfriend so he could accuse her of sleeping around. She had to be. It explained everything.

God. What if she gave him an STD.

What if... what if he knocked her up?


[For the cheater omg!]
Johnny was in the kitchen flipping burgers. He'd lost a stupid coin toss with the head cook so, honoring his loss, he was cooking. Hopefully he didn't have to like, make something hard.

Anyhow, Lukes was open and customer ready.

[No OCD cause I am dead tired.]
Johnny was going home tonight and wouldn't be back until Sunday sometime. He... really needed to tell Savannah.

After work, he came back and showered and waited around to do just that, though he wasn't much looking forward to it. He loved her and didn't want her upset with him. Still, he was going flying with Reed and Ben and there was just no quelling that excitment.

He should have bought her flowers. That might soften the news a bit.

[For the girl, and SP is love]
Johnny's bike was idling; the chrome was polished, the tank full. Now all he needed was Hinata.

He trusted that she'd show, though he was a bit concerned she might have second thoughts. She didn't call him to tell him nevermind, so he knew she'd be here. He had her a helmet and hoped she'd dressed the part.

This wasn't a date. Not at all. He was like what, a big brother to her or something. Savannah totally wouldn't care. Right?


Straddling his motorcycle, he rested a hand on his thigh, looking out for the little girl that he was going to take for a ride.

[For the one mentioned, please.]
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Okay, so, my wireless has gone out of my laptop. It's going back to the HP fixit place for a week. I've been having to use sucky dial-up and starting today I'm going to be on the old standby, and by old I mean ooooold. Pings may come slow so please to be patient with me!

This goes for Amber too!
Savannah was probably wondering where Johnny was. Worried most like. Probaly wanting to kick his ass by now for not coming home last night or calling to tell her where he was. 

Truth was, he handwavily slept in the common room last night to avoid having to explain to her what he did and who he now was. He was a bit out of sorts when he woke up and realized his forehead was still with the ridges. 

But... he couldn't let her worry, right? That's why he stood outside their dorm room and knocked. If he walked right in she'd freak.

Maaaan, this sucked.



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