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The sun shouldn't be shining on such a day. It just shouldn't.

Tears threatened his eyes as he looked down at his sleeping beauty. His comatose wife. In this hotel room hospital bed because of him. If someone were to stab him in the heart, he didn't imagine it would feel much worse than how he felt now.

And it was always the same from the housekeeping staff nurse who would come in and check monitors and Savannah's vitals. No change. Johnny didn't think his heart could take much more of this.

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Laying on the bed, Savannah looked as beautiful as she always had. You would have to peer close to see that she wasn't reacting to the world around her. No bruises showed on her flawless complexion, but even that didn't cause you to miss the unnatural pallor of her face beneath the oxygen mask.

On the bad, she was silent and unresponsive, but the oxygen machine and the soft beeps of the heart monitor were almost too loud.
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Johnny's hand was firm, strong, warm around her own as he held it, willing her to take hold and grasp back. "Savannah, sweetheart, I am so sorry. I was impulsive, reckless, stupid. Forgive me," he said, bottom lip trembling slightly. "I swear to you it will never happen again. Upon my life, I swear to you. Please, please just wake up."
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Savannah never responded. She just lay there, looking so tragic and beautiful.
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And that beauty nearly ripped his heart in two.

If only he could take back the night that destined this very moment.

Staring so hard at his wife, his eyes glazed over as he thought of his evening with Sean...
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FLASHBACK... dun dundun -
"Scotch, right?" Johnny asked Sean, extending the crystal glass towards his brother-in-law. Jazz played in the background of his New York living room, and the lights were low.

The atmosphere was romantic, even if Johnny hadn't meant for it to be.

"You know me so well," Sean said with a throaty chuckle as he reached out to accept the glass, his fingers brushing against Johnny's ever so slightly. "Then again, with how long we've known each other, that's hardly a surprise."

Johnny's eyes met Sean's, and his perfectly shaped mouth curved ever so slightly upwards. "Hardly a surprise at all." Long lashes lowered as he paid attention a moment too long at the other man's mouth, before a shift in posture had him taking a step back to retrieve his own glass. His white, button up shirt defined his muscular build extremely well.

"How have you been?"

"Busy," Sean replied with a graceful shrug, taking a sip of his Scotch to cover the way he watched Johnny move. He had never seen the sense in denying the fact that his brother-in-law was so definitely attractive or that he himself appreciated it on occasion. He had just always been so careful to keep it within the bounds of propriety that constrained him as a married family man.
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"Same here," Johnny commented as he slid his free hand into the front pocket of his fitted black trousers. Damn Sean for looking hot as ever. He was his wife's brother and as such, should not create within him such a burning need to back him against the closed wall and...

Shifting slightly, his blue eye swept over Sean in a seemingly casual manner that was honestly, truly far from innocent.

Something in Sean, some indescribable part of him, could sense the lack of innocence in Johnny's gaze; maybe that was why he took a step forward, closing a little bit of the distance between them.

"Running my own business has given me far too little time to spend with my friends and loved ones," he said. "I really need to work at changing that."
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"Yes, I agree with you," he said before knocking back his scotch. Johnny set his glass aside with an audible 'clink'. The sound heard above the low rasp of jazz. "Work can be demanding, however, and I understand that. Still, I would like to see more of you around here." Stated boldly and with the same assumption that Sean felt the same way.

"I'll have to make it a point to clear my schedule a little more often so I can be around more often. Savannah's quite probably forgotten what I look like at this point."

Not that Savannah was his only reason to be there, but Sean was still attempting to play it cool.
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A handsome smirk graced his mouth. "No doubt," he agreed. "She'll fuss over you, you realize, and make me feel guilty over not getting your ass here sooner."

Repressing desire was not one of Johnny's stronger traits. The desire was instant and it was hot.

Still, he tried to appear casual, but wondered if Sean noticed the slight flexing of muscle beneath his shirt.

"And Savannah fussing over you is never a bad thing," Sean said with a faint smile.

Oh, he did indeed notice the flexing of muscle. He was fascinated by the way it made Johnny's shirt shift and emphasize his toned form, but Sean was still trying to play it cool. He was a responsible man, after all. He had to handle this responsibly.

... but he could ogle a teeny bit.
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Johnny was responsible as well. He knew his place and he was in love with his wife.

But there stood Sean, lean and attractive.

Did the air seem to suddenly thicken?

"...no, not a bad thing at all."

Almost as though he were drawn to Johnny, Sean stepped closer still.

This was a bad idea. Such a bad idea.

... and still he reached out a hand.
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A very bad idea. But bad ideas turned to awesomely hot ideas as soon as Sean extended his hand. And of course Johnny took it, his eyes dark, smoldering. There was a challenge deep within. Did Sean see it, or more for that matter, would he accept?

He would accept.

Oh, yes, he would accept.

Sean pulled Johnny in close, kissing the other man curiously but not at all gently.
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Johnny was such a take charge kind of guy.

The kiss turned hot fast; curious and determined to know the other man better, he began to back Sean against the closest wall.

Ultimately they would end up in bed. But hot wall sex was so awesome. And he was stupidly cheating eager.

Johnny blinked, rubbed his burning eyes, and wanted to forget everything.

But the flashbacks continued, and they were superbly unkind.

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